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Which of these 7 mistakes cause your insomnia? - SleepTracks.comClick Image To Visit Site“I don’t think I have ever written a fan letter for a product before. I set your “Whole Night w Music.mp3″ track on my iPhone to continuously repeating and put it in my little speaker-dock when I go to sleep. It’s amazing!

I have used one type or another prescription sleep medication for 10 years and gave them up about 6 months ago because of the expense and because they made me feel like a drug addict. While I would never go back to them–especially cos they stopped working–I hadn’t found anything since until I discovered your product. Now I sleep almost all the way through the night!

I lost one of my freelance jobs a couple of months back because I fell asleep in a meeting. My nerves were constantly frayed and I was constantly on edge and short of patience. I have gone to many doctors and have spent thousands of dollars on medications, both prescription and over the counter. Melatonin? A joke! Tylenol PM? Forget about it! I’m not sure why, but all my life, from the time I was a small child, I have dreaded bedtime. Now I actually look forward to it! Perhaps I am being premature since I’ve only been using your product for a week, but so far I am VERY impressed. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

I had sleeping problems for about 10 years, but one year they inexplicably became terribly worse. For 2 years I tried everything, sleeping pills, light therapy, behavior therapy, doctors, sleep studies, nothing helped. I could barely function at work and almost lost my job for it. I couldn’t work a full work-week so I always had to take leave without pay and my paychecks… Read more…

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